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T-AI is an AI-based teaching assistant developed as a web extension to work with YouTube videos to enable an interactive and enhanced learning experience for students. DP IELTS offers T-AI integration for all users free of charge for unlimited usage to clarify doubts and better personalize your learning journey on DP IELTS.

The service allows students to interact with the video content, by requesting to explain a certain area in detail, clarify any doubts about certain grammar lessons or examples, or help out with any issues in understanding the areas and content covered in the particular video.

Currently, the free feature is available for laptops or computers only, as it is required to install a web extension to use the service. The web extension can be installed by clicking here. In order to use T-AI with DP IELTS, it is required to watch the videos through https://www.youtube.com/. A version supporting mobile usage would be available soon.

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How to install T-AI extension and how to use the teaching assistant?

Last modified: Thursday, 1 June 2023, 9:09 AM